1. Stats Zone v2.2

    The transfer window may be closed, but there’s still time for changes this season… We’ve just released the latest version of Stats Zone, here’s what’s new:

    • iPhone 5 screen size support
    • Added team dashboards (full, attacking, defending) 
    • Added assist and card qualifier information on Key Events view 
    • Missed penalties added on Key Events view
    • Added block cross event type 
    • Performance improvements so that the match updating doesn’t slow down after heavy usage 
    • Various bug fixes (including fixing a crash when handling some push notifications)

    As ever, please feel free to get in touch: colm@totalfootballapps.com

    Enjoy the app!

  2. (The first) Two years of Total Football & Stats Zone

    Total Football 2010 Euro 2012 Stats Zone

    Two years ago this week I launched the Total Football app for the 2010 World Cup - a self funded, self developed, independent passion project with the aim of providing in-depth live match stats and chalkboards to make watching football even better.  It didn’t make me an ‘App Store Millionaire’ (in fact, I didn’t even break even) but the response and interest it generated gave me the motivation to stick with it.

    Since then, I’ve been working hard to continue the app and managed to secure a number of partnerships to make the app possible across a range of competitions:

    • the Champions League
    • Premier League
    • African Cup of Nations

    And now there’s the follow on Euro 2012 Stats Zone app in partnership with FourFourTwo and Coral:

    Before a ball has even been kicked in the tournament the app has been heavily promoted by Apple and reached as been as high as 30th in the overall free app download chart - something that I couldn’t have imagined when I started out on the app.

    It’s a huge milestone and another step in what I’m hoping to be a continuing journey.  I’m obviously aiming to continue expanding the competition coverage across all the major leagues and competitions (if you’re interested in partnering on any get in touch), hope to bring the app to other platforms too and have plenty more product ideas that I want to release in future.

    Thanks to all the users for your incredible support and especially to Opta, FourFourTwo and all the great partners we’ve worked with so far.

    Enjoy Euro 2012!

    Colm - colm@totalfootballapps.com

  3. Euro 2012 Stats Zone app now in the App Store

    Germany v Holland, Spain v Italy, France v England…  It’s all kicking off tomorrow (but hopefully just in the footballing sense) and Stats Zone is covering every one of Richard Dunne’s last ditch blocks, Xavi’s half a touch passes and Zlatan’s kung-fu finishes.

    The Euro 2012 app is a totally free download and provides:

    • live match stats and chalkboards powered by Opta’s most detailed event feed including every shot, pass, tackle, interception, clearance, foul broken down per team or player and for whatever period of the match you want to look at
    • the unique Player Influence view
    • free push notifications alerting you of pre-match lineups, goals, red cards, half time and full time scores, useful for a sneaky peek in the office for those five o’clock kickoffs
    • "as things stand" group tables, perfect for those final group matches
    • team guides with insight from a local expert on each countries
    • an all new ‘Player Pass Combination’ feature showing who has been linking up with who and (of course) a chalkboard view of where the action has been taking place
    • the ability to prove your footballing insight by sharing analysis via Twitter, Facebook, email etc

    Get it in the App Store:

    England Player Influence Netherlands Team Guide Zlatan shots

    Keep an eye out for announcements and analysis throughout the tournament on both the @StatsZone and @TotalFootballFC twitter accounts.  And do your friends a favour and tell them about it too, especially if they’re as uninformed as certain TV pundits

    Enjoy Euro 2012!

    Colm - colm@totalfootballapps.com

  4. Stats Zone v1.4 available with Free Push Notifications

    I’m really pleased to announce v1.4 of Stats Zone is now available - get it on the App Store.  The headline news is free push notifications for the rest of the season but we’ve got some other great improvements to the app to tell you about too.

    We’ve tried to make the push notifications as straightforward as possible for you to use - simply choose up to 5 teams and get live updates of lineups, goals, red cards, half time and full time scores.  You can even change your selected teams anytime you want.  You also have the option of getting updates from the excellent Stats Zone blog and updates about the app such as when new versions are available or we add new competitions.

    We’ve also improved the pre-match experience by adding the list of substitutes to the lineup view, here’s an example of what you’ll see from now on:

    Stats Zone Lineups

    But that’s not all, here’s a list of the other changes included in v1.4…

    We’ve extended the Player Dashboard feature, you can now show all a player’s defensive or attacking events only, for example here’s Alex Song yesterday v QPR:

    Stats Zone dashboards

    We’ve improved the existing Player Dashboard, those will now display a player’s own goals too - not that they’ll thank us for that.

    There’s also some new event types - you can filter a team or player’s shots by whether they were from inside or outside the penalty area and we’ve added a backpasses category to help analyse who uses their keeper to keep possession and who simply don’t want to play riskier forward passes.

    We realise the App Store is a global marketplace and to make things a bit easier for our international users we’ve changed it so all match times display in your local time zone wherever you are - no conversion necessary.

    As ever, last season’s Premier League and Champions League matches are available in the app for free, so please download it and give it a try if you haven’t already.

    Here’s the App Store download link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id453744566

    Your support for the Stats Zone app is hugely appreciated and thanks for spreading the word about the app. We’ll keep working hard to try to make watching football better.  If you’d like to get in touch with feedback, suggestions or to talk football apps just drop me an email - colm@totalfootballapps.com